Body acceptance

One of the greatest personal benefits to the philosophy & practice of naturism is developing a greater sense of body acceptance. In our material world, the goal of having a body like what you see in the magazines, on TV, and in the movies seams to be the ruler that we all measure against.

By adopting the philosophy & practice of naturism, you will discover that every body is beautiful.  That every body is worthy.  That every body is different.  There are tall bodies, short bodies, fluffy bodies, skinny bodies.  There are endless variations of every element that makes up the human form.  And as you see the variation, you begin to realize that the variations are all beautiful.  And that even though there may be parts of your own body that you are less then satisfied with, you don’t need to feel ashamed of it.  You will come to embrace your own body.

be yourself

Lets looks at what various sources around the interwebitubes have to say about naturism and body acceptance.

From the Naturist Philosopher

Just to be clear about this: Naturism, nudism, and social nudity are not about imposing beliefs on the rest of society. It’s quite unlikely that any modern human society will come to accept nudity in everyday social life in the foreseeable future. The point, instead, is that people who learn to enjoy social nudity are able to enjoy benefits, including body acceptance, that are unavailable to most people in their societies.

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From Pastor Jeffery Bowman

Body Acceptance. Our culture has been brain washed by the Madison Avenue fashion experts who tell us in picture and words what a “perfect” body is like. How many times have you looked in the mirror and thought disparagingly at your body? Not enough muscle, undefined abs, too little breast, wide hips, or not enough hair, and so it goes. Naturism puts you in touch with your body and you see that others are “just like you.” Plus, you realize that the “super models” in life are really not that pretty nude and the magazine “centerfolds” are definitely airbrushed. Bottom line: you realize it doesn’t matter what you look like.

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From Fat and not Afraid

When we shed our clothes, we also shed the constraints of social status that by which we are often judged. Naturists make no such judgements and simply get to know the true person within.

Then of course there are the positive benefits for body image. How many people go through their lives tortured by insecurity about perceived ‘faults’ with their bodies, suffering low self esteem as a result? Our blemishes, scars and ‘imperfections’ are not unique, we all have them. Naturism helps us to understand this and also to realize that the human body is to be celebrated for its rich diversity, not held as an object of shame.

Read more at Fat and Not Afraid


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