Here is a great series of posts about One families journey into naturism. Very good.

A Naturist Family's Blog

Becoming a naturist was an intellectual process for me. There were a few events that contributed to the start of the process. One warm afternoon in 2013, our next door neighbor came to us saying that our son and her grandson had dropped their pants in their back yard and were looking at each others penises. She didn’t make too big a deal out of it, but in the back of my mind I started to freak out: Oh no! He is too young to be interested in sexual things. How are we going to deal with that? Thankfully, my wife was also there and simply told our son that dropping his pants in our neighbors back yard was not appropriate. Soon after, while reflecting on the incident, I realized that this was not something sexual, just little boys’ curiosity.

The next event that happened, was the realization that not every mature…

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